Glam Rock

12,99 €

Looking for leather? Fancy nails? Want Rock'n Roll ?? This PU Black leather case with gold studs will give a glamorous look to your silhouette, a twist that is both rock and feminine.


Protects your phone from dirt, scratches, bumps and shock

     Double layer reinforced soft shell
     Soft bumper seal to perfectly fit your iPhone
     Matt black leather finish and gold studs
     Material: Soft polyurethane covered with sewn polyurethane leather (saddle stitching) and riveted gold nails
     Matt black leather finish and gold studs
     Protects from scratches and scratches
     Access to all buttons
     Ultra-easy mounting
     Weight: 34 grams

Available for iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 PLus, iPhone 8 Plus

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