Here you can find everything you've ever wanted to know about phone shells, cases, covers and other protective screens.

What is the best protection for my smartphone?

To our great regret, we must reveal to you a first secret: no case guarantees you 100% protection !!!!
Yes, it is sad, but life is so made and a smartphone remains a fragile electronic equipment that does not support extreme situations: falls in watery environment, burning adventures, inappropriate physical loads ...
On the other hand, for everyday life, a pretty case can undoubtedly change the situation;)

How to protect the sides and back of my iPhone?

At FridayCase, we offer 4 types of cases: Polycarbonate, Aluminum, Silicone, and Polyuretane (aka TPU).

Polycarbonate? kesako ??
This is the hardest plastic. The one that is used for example to make motorcycle helmets (both light and robust).

Protective shells in colored or transparent polycarbonate are both rigid and thin, which does not change so much the handling and will protect well in case of fall. These shells can incorporate a retractable ring that will be useful to maintain the machine with an ideal angle for watching a video for example.

If you compare its performances with those of Polycarbonate, Aluminum is able to absorb shocks five to ten times before breaking. And it remains very light.
It is therefore THE ideal material for adventurers and extreme sports fanatics. DAMNED!! Why is so??
Because glass is the weak point of mobiles. And in the event of a shock, it is the periphery of the mobile that receives the most violent shock in the vast majority of cases. Therefore, a mobile enclosed with an aluminum protective barrier will resist most falls.

Our 3D models are made of silicone. These shells dampen shocks and slip in and out easily, their material is soft.
Finally, our flexible TPU shells are soft, light and very thin. As such, they have a more aesthetic than protective function.

How to protect the screen of my smartphone?

The screen protection is the simplest that exists, retaining the overall design of the phone, it will allow to avoid scratches or even breakage.

The glass to be placed on the screen, constitutes a second layer of glass that will protect against scratches and breakage for reasonable shocks (in case of crushing, they will not suffice). They have many advantages: ease of installation (be careful of dust) due to stiffness, a touch comfort similar to the usual screen and sometimes an anti fingerprint treatment, as well as excellent protection.

At FridayCase we offer two types of screen protection: one transparent and the other dark, which also protects your screen from prying eyes.


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