About us

Friday Case is the online store of cases, covers and shells for iPhone and other mobile devices dedicated to fashion fans.

As long as we always have our phones and other mobile devices in our hands, it seems obvious to us at Friday Case that they have to be stylish and that they are more than the extension of our hand, the complement of our style.

We change clothes every day, why not do the same with our phone?

Because we can be geeky and care about our style, Friday Case offers products that not only protect your equipment but also fit your look, in all situations.

Want a sport shell to accompany your morning workout? From a more elegant hull to go to work or something more trendy or more fun to get out?

Friday Case offers a selection of hulls for all occasions.


Hooked up to your iPhone and yet blasé that your favorite device has the same look as everyone else?

You want to express your personality and style on this object that follows you everywhere? This travel companion, work tool, idea box, window on the world ...

Want to customize your SmartPhone to make it look like you? Or just want to protect your new ultra high-tech gem?

We created FridayCase to meet all these cravings, and because we found incredibly difficult to find stylish, good quality AND affordable accessories for our Iphone, IMac and IPad in the traditional stores. We also went from Tokyo to Los Angeles via Shanghai, Seoul or Melbourne to find and select the accessories perfectly adapted to Apple devices.

Switch from the office to the weekend mode with a single gesture.

Classic, Trendy or Adventurous? Whatever your look or your day's envy, we have the case that will emphasize your pace and adapt to your lifestyle.

Customer Service

Unparalleled service and quality are at the heart of our concerns. FridayCase products are all carefully selected and tested to provide you with the highest quality. We are committed to take back and refund any item within 15 days. We also strive to provide you with the best support in terms of tracking from purchase to delivery. And we remain at your disposal for any question:

Create your own case:

We can also, upon request, create your own collection of Phone Cases and Accessories. Do not hesitate to contact us to create the object of your dreams: contact@fridaycase.com