Why do it-girls change their case that often ?

Why stylish girls change their iphone case all the time?

If the first vocation of the case is to protect your iPhone, at Friday Case we admit to change regularly.

Why ? For style, of course? Unless you are one of those who leave their phone at the bottom of their bag, the phone shell is a real fashion accessory.

Admit it. Your phone is more often in your hand than in your pocket. So show off !!

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail"

Rather classic, kawaii or ultra street, each personality and each outfit hull.

And the advantage of the accessory is its ability to make us go from one look to another in the blink of an eye: Take the same basic outfit and add different accessories every day of the week and you'll never feel like dressing up every morning.

Ditto with the hulls Friday Case: you just have to change the shell to change your look!

Last tip: if you feel inspired by these two looks shot during the last Fashion Week, you can indulge yourself with our Pure Red Case, available here for less than 10 Euros!!

Friday case street style Fashion Week Pure Red iphone case