Valentine's Day gift: to each man his case!

Tell us who you love, we'll tell you what will make him happy for Valentine's Day

Yes, we are barely a month after Christmas, and Valentine's Day is already here with two major problems: first, find a new gift idea (again? !!); and the second of them, find an affordable idea because the balances have already drained our bank account…

Don’t panic!! We have concocted a small selection of cases and accessories for those of you who have a Boy-friend equipped with an iPhone.

Just answer the next question: to which tribe does Mr. Love belong?
Is it rather ...

1. Hipster
Ok, if you have checked the Hipster box, you will not be insulted to reveal all the clichés that characterize the Hipster male, but just in case you have any doubt ... here they are: he wears Wayfarer type glasses, slim jeans, tattoos, often works in the media, advertising or studies communication or graphic design. And of course, he loves the latest Hi Tech products, especially Apple products.

iPhone cases for Hipster

2. Preppy Boy
If Mr. Love is more of the sportswear style, often wearing a chino, polo, or Sebago shoes, he will certainly prefer a more classic model.

iPhone cases for Preppy Boys

3. Adventurer
If he is more inspired by nature and adventure than by shopping, don’t worry, at first it is quite normal, and especially his case is not desperate. He should be seduced by accessories made for outdoor, both resistant and stylish!

iPhone cases for the adventurers

4. Gentleman Rider
If he is the type to ride his bike (sorry, his ‘Café Racer’) dressed like a prom or wear driving gloves matching the leather of his car, well done: you came across a true Gentleman Rider.

iPhone cases for Gentleman riders

5. A married guy (OMG !!)
Whether you met him last night on Tinder or be the man of your life, whatever, your intimacy is strictly yours! And it's to protect your wildest secrets that privacy screens have been invented!