Inspiration: Meet the Muse

Like you, we spend time on social networks. To inspire us, we escape, introduce our products. We often make beautiful discoveries, we get bored sometimes ...
and regularly there are real nuggets: girls who sparkle and make the flow less smooth. We wanted to know what made them different.
The kind of girls we want to know a little more because they inspire us. These are the girls we introduce to you in our FC Muses series.

MORGANE (@morganewaquez)


A fairy name, a couple whose complicity is obvious, an angel face, Morgane is our favorite Frenchy. Who proves with its world of its own, both soft and rock 'n roll, that France is not reduced to Paris.

Who are you ? 

My name is Morgane Waquez, I am 22 years old. I got my marketing diploma this year. I currently live with my boyfriend, David, and our dog Yulin. I started my blog a year ago because I'm a fan of fashion and photography. Today, my first goal is to travel. I am thirsty to explore, to discover new horizons.

If I had to define myself in three words: determined, adventurous and sensitive. 

Where do you come from ? 

From Montpellier! A city that moves a lot, and where life is good. The living environment is very nice here. We are lucky to have the beach next, it is a great resource. 

Where do you live ? 

Still in Montpellier, but I plan to go live on the Basque coast next year. I falt in love with this place 4 years ago, and since then I return every summer. It's a real source of inspiration, especially the ocean. 

Can you tell us about your passions? 

Animals: I have been a vegetarian for 3 years, and an activist for animal rights. Besides, Yulin comes from the SPA. I can not help but intervene when I see a single dog at the edge of a road. Last time, I even brought a bird from the nest to the vet .. (laughs) I'm a Brigitte Bardot, so to speak! 

Photography: I love it! I really like to stage objects, flowers, plants, create cocooning but natural atmospheres. I also like being in front of the lens, sharing places, looks, and playing with my hair! (Laughter) 

Dance: modern-jazz. I stopped because of alternating studies because I did not have time anymore. Beside I worked in 39h at Repetto (the famous brand of ballet) I have always lived in this universe since the age of 4, and I feel that my body is still asking at the age of 22! My first resolution for 2018: go back to dancing !


What relationship do you have with your phone? 

Unlike appearances, my blog, and my Instagram, I can largely do without my phone. I often forget to load it, it even happens that it stays off in my pocket for a whole day. I especially try to enjoy the moment. Yulin keeps me grounded. I prefer to play with her, and watch her running, happy, rather than taking her picture. (Laughter) 

What are your 3 favorite apps? 

Instagram of course, where I love to share and share. There is also Voscam, which I use to edit my photos, and also Photoshop express, to correct an imperfection before publishing them on social networks. 

How would you define your relationship with Instagram? 

Very strong. In the morning, when I wake up, it's the first thing I'm going to watch. For me, it is the tool that inspires me the most and pushes me to succeed. Thanks to Instagram, I met a lot of people (photographers) who have become friends today. They helped me to reveal my personality, to show who I really am. Today, brands ask me to collaborate with them, and I am always surprised that my style can please as much. Without Instagram I am aware that I will not have been able to seize all these opportunities.

To follow on Instagram Morgane and David and discover their superb photos: @morganewaquez @thecatalbinos

Here you can find the cases chosen by Morgane and David: Spray Paint Silver and Black Strap

Credits: Abigail Morellon, Morgane Waquez.Crédits photo : Abigail Morellon, Morgane Waquez.