How to take killer selfies?

Do you dream of making selfies worthy of Hollywood stars?

Here are some tips easy to implement for a successful selfie in a few minutes: To you hundreds of likes and ecstatic followers !!

1. Find your filter and, above all, keep it !! thanks to this first advice your feed will gain harmony and you too. You will not look pale or over-tanned overnight.


2. Focus on natural light and keep in mind that the golden hour is when you get the best light.


3. Avoid artificial light and white neon as much as possible


4. Do not be shy: of 2 things one or you want to fire and then all means are good, or you forget the very idea of ​​making a selfie.


5. Exchange the selfie pole against a hull that ensures comfort and stability.

The Black Strap and White Strap cases of Friday box allow you to make your selfies without the risk of dropping your iPhone and especially without cluttering uselessly. You can even consider filming yourself while you are on a ride or skateboarding.


6. Take care of the angle: choose your best profile, tilt your head slightly, hold your phone sideways, a little higher than your head, extend your arm, raise your doe eyes, give your phone the same look as the one you would send to Ryan Gossling ... Press the button. Congratulations, it's in the box !! Now you can breathe.


7. Do not take yourself in a selfie against a dive that would be the guarantee to discover that you have a double (or triple) chin and hairs in the nose


8. Pay attention to the decor: the idea is to show off as a star, so we avoid the misplaced apartments, and second-class fast food to a beautiful beach, or a street who has charm.


9. If it really is not your day: think about sunglasses. They have already saved more than one selfie.


10. Play the mise en abyme and ask your best friend to act as a paparazzi and take a picture of you while you make a selfie. With a Friday Case shell, of course. Originality and success guaranteed !!

Photo credit: @mariarf94