How to protect my iPhone when skiing?

When the thermometer falls, you have already noticed that your iPhone tends not to work normally: slowing down, low battery, condensation on the lens ...
The cause: Sudden changes in temperature interfere with proper operation.
Moving from a warm environment to a cold place, or vice versa, can cause these disadvantages. The formation of condensation can also generate fogging on the device, damage the electronic elements ...

5 tips to prevent your iPhone from cold damages

1. First reflex to proscribe: hermetic bag or gel. Indeed, if it may seem a good idea at first, it can cause condensation due to the humidity of the air when closing the bag.

2. The solution is to equip you with a cover, a case, a bag or a reinforced bag. This type of protection lets in the ambient air, thus avoiding the appearance of condensation, while protecting your device. Some are called "reinforced" to protect against snow or shocks.

Our CAMPER CAMOUFLAGE or ORANGE covers are your allies in cold weather, while the 360 ° LUNATIK TAKTIK shell completely wraps your iPhone to offer additional protection against cold and wetness.

iPhone protection Xtreme sports Friday Case
3. To ensure gradual warm-up, take your device out of your bag or pocket without removing the cover. Wait a few more minutes before removing it.

4. Last tip: Unless you have special gloves for touch screen, activate the mode "glove" in the settings of your mobile. Thus you can write an SMS or take a picture ... without having your hands frozen ;)


5. Charge a mobile with a battery backup:As a general rule, be aware that cold is an element that can help discharge the battery quickly. Always have a second extra battery (already charged) to use when your first battery fails. Store it in a warm place like the inside pocket of your coat to preserve its autonomy.


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