How to put a tempered glass screen protector on iPhone?

In this tutorial we will detail how to place your tempered glass screen protector on your iPhone without leaving bubbles.

Now, let's take a look at this step-by-step tutorial on how to properly install a tempered glass screen protector.

Step 1: clean the iPhone screen

When you purchase a screen protector for iPhone on Friday Case you will always have with your screen protector a cleaning kit for your screen. This step is crucial because if there is dust or grease the operation will be a failure.
Open the small kit provided with your screen protector, you will find an alcohol cleaning wipe. We recommend that you first clean the screen with a cotton cloth moistened with water to eliminate grease as much as possible and then clean it with the alcohol wipe.
Clean the screen of your iPhone carefully with the wipe to remove grease, fingerprints and dust. Once you feel that your screen is perfectly clean you can go to step 2.

How to put a tempered glass screen protector on iPhone

Step 2: Remove the dust

In the kit provided with your screen protector you will find a series of small stickers. Use one of them to capture the dust on the iPhone screen. For that, tap with the sticker all the surface of the screen so that these stick on the sticker.
From now on it will be necessary to follow steps 3, 4 and 5 quickly. Take the time to read and understand all the steps before you start.

How to put a tempered glass screen protector on iPhone

Step 3: Remove the protective film

You must now remove the protective film from your screen protector in order to place the protection on your screen. The protective film to be removed has a small tab that protrudes from the screen protector. Then go quickly to Step 4 to avoid giving the dust time to get on the screen.

How to put a tempered glass screen protector on iPhone

Step 4: Align the screen protector

Now you have to perfectly align the screen protector. You can choose to start from the round button or the speaker, for you to see.

How to put a tempered glass screen protector on iPhone

Step 5: Place the screen protector

First place the top of the protection and then with your finger press lightly while gently lowering down until the screen protector is completely placed. If you have aligned the protection right from the start, it will fit snugly on the screen and you will not normally have any air bubbles.
It's over ! Your screen protector should be perfectly placed and without air bubbles. If you still have air bubbles that you have not managed to hunt, there is dust stuck on the screen or protection.

How to put a tempered glass screen protector on iPhone


How to remove an iPhone tempered glass screen protector (or any other model):
Our tempered glass screen protectors are covered with a silicone glue that, in addition to allowing a bubble-free installation, allows you to easily remove without leaving any trace or residue.
With your fingernail, you just have to grab it in one corner and lift it gently. If your iphone screen protector is placed for a long time, it may be a little bit difficult but it is done without the help of any tools.
If, however, you are struggling or fiddling with your nails, try using a credit card, a mediator, or a toothpick to help you.
Be careful not to pick up a hard or abrasive object that may damage the glass of your smartphone.